Online narrative on 07.11.2020

"They gave me the name Njoki" by Jana Winterhalter.

Sat, 07 Nov 2020, 6pm. (Archive from 15.10.2020)

"They gave me the name 'Njoki' - the one who went to come back." JW

Narration in words and pictures: Impressions from eight years of project work and life in and with East Africa

Out of a thirst for adventure, I had traveled to Kenya at the age of 18 in search of vastness, red earth and smiling people. I found them. And with them the life that plays between these 'picture books': the relentlessness of nature, the barriers of one's own imprint, the incompatibility of cultures and the warm-hearted gesture of deep connection. Until today I have returned several times, I have accompanied many projects, I have seen their destruction and I still create new ones - countless times I have said it was the last time. I would like to share this evening my experiences and stories from 8 years of relationship with a country that taught me in extremes, leaving no opposition out, fulfilling no expectation, making miracles happen, relentlessly striking and patiently giving - and in which only impermanence endures.


Meeting-ID: 871 4615 2112

Kenncode: 681301

Translated from German: Njoki.

Hallo, ich schreibe für  euch live aus Kenia!

Die Diskrepanz zwischen dem, was wir glauben über weit entfernte Realitäten zu wissen und der tatsächlichen Selbstwahrnehmung von Menschen vor Ort, wird für mich besonders in dieser Zeit der 'globalen Krise' sichtbar. Njoki erschafft Beiträge, die...

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