Lecture: "They gave me the name Njoki"

Lecture at the Institute for Intuitive Training Cologne about my own growth in and with East Africa (Archive from 01.08.2020)

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At the Institute of Intuitive Training?

Yes, I couldn't think of a more coherent place to share my experiences and stories about my project work with Kenya. Traveling to Kenya at 18 years old with 0 knowledge of the country was an intuitive decision that has proven to be perhaps the most important in my life. No experience, no connection has impacted my life like this one.

As an energy worker (healer, reader in training), I see the power of energetic connection as an opportunity to connect cultures and perceive people with outside external stereotypes.

The Institute for Intuitive Training Cologne integrates energy work into all parts of life and thus connects people, learning areas and cultures. Art and culture is a big part of the institute's program - as it is part of my own life as a dance and music dramaturgue.

I am pleased to present my story "They gave me the name Njoki" in this space of bridge building.

Translated from German: Njoki.

Hallo, ich schreibe für  euch live aus Kenia!

Die Diskrepanz zwischen dem, was wir glauben über weit entfernte Realitäten zu wissen und der tatsächlichen Selbstwahrnehmung von Menschen vor Ort, wird für mich besonders in dieser Zeit der 'globalen Krise' sichtbar. Njoki erschafft Beiträge, die...

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